Green-Agro Plantation Services

Green-Agro Plantation Services are led by a team of people whom are some of the most highly experienced and innovative people in the Agarwood industry. Green-Agro Plantation Services also entered the market with a strong understanding and technical knowledge on many aspects of Agarwood planting such as planting services, distillation of Agarwood oil, and the culturing of the highest quality seeds of the species which ensures healthy and strong offspring.

   All these factors contribute to our rapid growth in the country and that is why in such a short span of time, our brand has become well known throughout the nation. Contributing our efforts to Malaysia’ Sustainable farming initiative, the company strives towards the growing, culturing, maintaining and harvesting of Agarwood in the most sustainable way possible. Our plantlets which are used to grow into Agarwood trees are trusted in quality as we only use the highest quality Agarwood plantlets. When it comes to Agarwood plantations, Green Agro Plantation Services has a very extensive knowledge in best of advanced Agarwood planting techniques such as stronger root statilization and better propogation process.

   We are working in a strategic partnership with the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM),whose expertise lies in the research of South East Asia Hardwood, especially in Malaysian species of trees. The fact that they have a resourceful Agarwood species bank and also 20 years of experience in engineering tissue culture for the local Agarwood species gives us even more reason to work together. They are highly resourceful in the conservation of different species of endangered flora, such as the case of the Aquilara Malaccensis in Agarwood species. Together we are a strong force in the Agarwood industry with expertise knowledge from end to end. We want to ensure the protection and longevity of the species whilst also making sure that future generations would still be able to experience the glory of Agarwood not only as a product, but also as a living species of greatness.

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